Flying Cats! (and GIF craziness)

February 1st, 2012 at 4:25 pm

So these pictures were too perfect to not make a bunch of funny GIFs with. Had to do it. The first one has some of my favorite pictures, Plex is a ninja and Rocki doesn’t know what’s coming. The last one shows the science of the kitty pizza toss. I can’t do it, but the man has perfected the move. Surprisingly these were all taken in one shot, they just kept coming back for more, and more and more. A couple cat treats is all it takes. I promise no cats (or dogs for that matter) were harmed in the making of these GIFs for your enjoyment!

Ninja kitties!


Some close ups…


The art of the kitty pizza toss…


Would your cats stand for this?

Strike One {Adventure Guide-cats teeth are clean!}

January 31st, 2012 at 3:28 pm

So this is kind of a lame one, but hey, I get to use the strike through!

I included getting my cats’ teeth cleaned because it is very expensive.  Like $3-400 a cat because they have to be put under anesthesia.  And with 2 cats that is a lot of out of pocket for my budget.  Also, they are supposed to have it done about every 3 years because cats can have severe teeth issues.

Well, about 6 months ago my mom told me about this guy that cleans dogs teeth at her groomers, without putting them under.  He scales their teeth, removes all plaque build up, and then treats them with some finishing stuff that keeps them clean longer (just like the people dentist).  It was $80 and so worth it.  No need for potentially harmful anesthesia, and it is quick and affordable.  Rocki was happy when I picked her up, and her teeth were gleaming!

So, I kind of jokingly asked if he did cats.  As I asked him this, he was sitting on the floor with a 10 year old terrier in his lap, on it’s back, mouth cranked open for the cleaning.  I tried to visualize a cat like this and laughed.  But to my surprise, he said that if they are tame, he can usually do a cat.  I was stunned, and excited because my cats are two of the most tame ever.

A couple months later I contacted him to find out he traveled back and forth between AZ and CA.  He wasn’t here, I was bummed, and I didn’t hear back from him.  Until a week ago- he said he was going to be in town for a week and was trying to book as many appointments as he could.  So last Thursday he came to my house, and cleaned both cats’ teeth.  I’m pretty sure it was more traumatizing for me than the two of them.

Aurora, my girl, went first as she is a bitch and I figured she would be the worst to handle.  I sat in the living room as it was going on, and heard the most unreal noises coming from her.  For you cat people out there, you know what I’m talking about; that guttural howl that cats make that seems to be coming from a llama or something.  I can’t even describe it.  But after about 15 minutes she came bouncing out, just fine.  Next was my little wimpy boy.  He hardly made any noise, but half way through I heard tools crashing.  Uh oh.  Later the guy, which btw, did I mention he is uber uber cute, and changed his shirt in my bathroom and I happened to walk in?  Yeah, not a bad bonus to the house trip ;).  Anywho… later the guy told me that Plex got away from him, i.e. the crashing noise.  Whoops, but all was well, and both cats now have clean happy mouths.  He seemed to be pleased with the condition of their teeth for being 7.  So yay me, check check.

The cats and I were not on speaking terms for about a day, but they forgave me pretty quick.  They even let me toss them in the air about a zillion times yesterday (hilarious pictures to come).

If you wanna check out before and after pics of his amazing work, or if you are in southern CA or AZ and are interested in his services, check out his FB page here.

Rocki from the Block

January 24th, 2012 at 10:03 am

So you all know by now how much I adore my pup.  I mean, I have considered her in the timing of our children; not wanting to loose what I have with her for a child, but still wanting my child to know my first child ;).  And after a morbid conversation via Twitter with Stephany last night, I thought I would share some pictures of her from a photo shoot we had over the weekend.  Enjoy!


This is my favorite. This horse statue is in the yard of a house in our neighborhood, and half the time Rocki growls at it when we walk past.


It’s amazing how well she poses and stays. I’m literally across the street taking this photo, and obviously I took a ton like that. After about an hour though of walking, stopping, sitting and staying, she was looking at me like, really mom? I thought we were goin for a fuckin walk yo.


Can you spot her?


Have I expressed how freakin difficult it is for a novice DSLR user such as myself to photograph a black dog? Basically I need to be next to the sun on fire to get a good picture. At least now I have some pictures of her that aren’t black blobs with a pink tongue in the center.


And this is where she is officially done with me. All right, let’s go home.

Before I Peace Out…

January 23rd, 2012 at 4:59 pm

I’ve seen several of these posts today and I thought it was a great idea. Here are a few things that I would love to see in my lifetime. Check out my inspirations here, here, and here.

  • My husband die.  I know this is crazy morbid, but for some reason, I would prefer to be the one to suffer.  I feel like the man is constantly taking care of me, and has taken me through way more than he should have had to at our age.  So I want to return the favor and not have to see him watch me die.  I saw my dad watch my step mom die, and I watched my grandpa watch my grandma die, and just don’t want to see him like that.
  • I think I saw this on everyone’s list, but yes, a book authored by myself.  Hey, stranger things have happened.  And I didn’t get a degree in creative writing for nothing, right?
  • My mom not alone.  Not sure on the specifics of this, but it breaks my heart and makes me mad at her that she is sad and alone.  And claims she isn’t.  Even though my dad is single now, I don’t feel his alone.  He has 4 daughters taking care of him, and endless friends.  And he’ll always have my step mom.
  • The Dolphins go to the super bowl and the Cubs win the world series.  This is purely for the man, but it would be so much fun to see him so happy.  And us drain our bank accounts to go.
  • See my husband walk our daughter(s) down the aisle.  I know I don’t have the daughter yet, but I remember that the first thing I thought of when my step mom died was that her daughters wouldn’t have their mom at their weddings.  And my youngest step sis, who lost her father to cancer as well, would not have a biological parent at her wedding.  I couldn’t imagine.  Having my mom and dad there meant so much.
  • The ability to take your (well behaved) dog everywhere.  I don’t know why this hasn’t happened yet.  But my dog is amazing and should be allowed to be everywhere with me.  But unfortunately most people suck and can’t handle their dog/shouldn’t own a dog.  Maybe this one should really be you need to past some kind of test to adopt an animal.  Just like a child. I’ll keep dreaming….
  • See my father financially happy. He spent most of my childhood working his ass off to provide for us.  Then when he was getting where he wanted to be,  it was sucked away from him through the death of his wife and our country’s ridiculously awesome healthcare system.  And this doesn’t mean he has to be loaded.  Just happy, whatever that may be.
  • All right, I’ll throw in the towel for all my musical theatre days…. gay marriage.  Although I’m pretty damn sure I will see this in my lifetime.
  • Some kind of reasonable citizenship program for Mexican immigrants.  They’re here, they aren’t the problem, they are just trying to live the American dream like our ancestors were as new immigrants.  It’s gonna happen, let’s get over it and make it work.
  • Free/affordable higher education.  And no, taking out $80,000 in student loans for in state tuition is not affordable.  It’s not like I’m ever going to pay that back with the interest.  Come on.

Would you like to see some of these in your life?  What’s on your list?

January Photo-a-Day *Week Three*

January 20th, 2012 at 11:22 am


So I’ve made it to week 3.  I have to admit it’s becoming a bit of a chore now.  Ha.  I’m really not good at being consistent.  So here’s my little explanation for this week:

day 14:  So I mentioned the food cart thing last week, and it kind of turned out to be a bust.  Poor planning city of Scottsdale!  So we ditched it and wen to happy hour at a local bar.  I read the happy hour menu ;)

day 15:  Rocki is in love with her brush.  Which is actually a little turquoise goody brush.  That I actually used the other day to my husbands horror.  I mean I sleep with her, cuddle with her, kiss her, what’s the big deal about sharing a brush? Anyway, daddy brushes her every night and she just basks in his glory.  Kind of makes me nauseous/jealous.

day 16:  This is what morning looks like.   A pile of covers and animals.  And I squeeze in somewhere.

day 17: My turtle in water.  There are two actually, Peyton and Tiny Dancer, but can I tell you how hard it is to get them to pose?

day 18:  I bought my mom flowers for her bday.  Tulips.

day 19: My husband is good to me.  So sweet.  The best part is that we carpooled to work this  day, and by the time I fired up my computer and checked good old FB, this was waiting for me.  Also, that’s my dad liking it with me :).

day 20: My mom and dad.  Probably about 5 years before I was born.  Rockin the 70s vibe.  No instagram filters needed ;).  They have been divorced for about 15 year now, but I am incredibly lucky to have divorced parents that still get along.  My dad came to thanksgiving at my mom’s dad’s house, and my mom even helped plan his step-daughter’s bday after my step mom passed.  There is an amazing picture of my mom and dad hugging and kissing at my wedding that I want to frame next to this one.  Even though they were apart for most of my life, they did an amazing job raising me together.

See ya all next week!