Symphony, 80s Punk Rock Style

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Yeah that’s right.

So we went to the symphony Saturday night. He was excited about Beethoven’s 9th, I was excited about dinner and getting dressed up. Hey, I’m a girl. A hungry girl. After being hardcore with the hCG diet all week, I was looking forward to a good cheat at one of our favorite let’s-treat-ourselves places, Barrio Cafe in Phoenix. Look it up, it’s worth it. We had fresh guacamole prepared table side, that they make with pomegranates, yum. I had the Pescado del Mar, an amazing smorgasbord of fish.

The Barrio Cafe also happens to be right in front of some amazing Mexican art murals, where we took some of my favorite engagement photos.

So as we are eating, Matt says I look good, followed up by, “You look kinda 80s. Like 80s punk rock. With the lighting bolt earrings and everything….” I smiled, “That’s what I was going for!”

“You were going for 80s punk rock for the symphony?” Good point, I guess.

While the man was baffled that I went for 80s punk rock for the symphony instead of “classy” or “conservative”, when I saw this top at Marshall’s I had to have it and new that I would have few opportunities to rock it (I lead a boring life), so I classed it up for the symphony, at least I think so.

Rockin’ lighting bolt earrings a la WalMart

Top: Marshall’s, Pencil Skirt: Ross, Shoes: Ross, Bracelets: WalMart

Our 18th attempt at a cute pic together where he isn’t closing his eyes or looking like a mobster, and I am satisfied with my double chin ;)

I thought this one was cute, but he’s always got that wink thing going on making him look like he’s stoned or something.  Wedding pictures should be fun.

Much to his chagrin, three random women stopped me that night to tell me how awesome/beautiful/stunning my top was. So ha! He of course had to mention that they were all older women, but hey, style never fades, right?

And oh yeah, the symphony was pretty awesome too. Ha. My favorite part was that there was a violinist in a wheelchair, and her service dog chilled on the stage through the whole thing. Slept for most of it. Now that was amazing. :)



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Unfortunately, I live in Arizona.  So tights season is painfully short.  But, we’ve had our first weekend of under 90 degree weather, and I am getting ridiculously antsy to break out my tights.  I think it brings me back to my theater/dance days.  So I’ll reminisce with some tights inspiration. CAN’T FREAKIN’ WAIT!

Sea of Shoes- she’s flippin’ adorable

Saucy Glossie- love this pop of color with the black- great way to wear those springy clothes a little longer

The Other Emily- love her style, especially these tights with shorts and boots- hot and lovely

Polka dot tights?! Yes please!

I have purple, but I might need red!

Purple! Great way to bring a summery dress to winter.  Sunday Crossbow

I want everything about this.  I actually pinned this as inspiration for my bridesmaids.


Why do I live here?!?!?!